baby boy

‘No, this is not my husband holding our newborn daughter. He is not my brother, cousin, or a friend I’ve known a lifetime.’: Mom thanks neonatologist for kindness through loss, birth of child

“This is the same doctor who I looked up at in between deep howls as we kissed our son goodbye two years ago. The same doctor who attended our son’s funeral. The same doctor who called and reached out countless times after our son’s passing, just to check on us. This time, these were tears of joy.”

‘I was patient zero. All we wanted was our baby boy, but we knew we couldn’t be selfish.’: Woman with severe blood clot cyst shares abortion story in response to ‘horrifying’ Texas abortion ban

“I had an abortion on June 10th, 2021. This is not a story I ever intended to share, but given the circumstances in Texas, I feel it’s important. Today, as I continue grieving over my unborn son, I also grieve for the helpless women who won’t get the opportunity I had.”

‘He’s using again. I’m heartbroken. If you see him, give him a hug. Say a prayer. Tell him his mom misses him.’: Mom painfully describes loving her addict son, ‘It hurts. I want a do-over. I want my son back.’

“The saddest part is, I know he wants to stop this. I’ve attended too many funerals of good kids who couldn’t win against this monster. I’ve lost my son, but there hasn’t been a funeral. He is no longer there. I can see him, yet I mourn for him every day. It hurts. I want a do over. I want a second chance to protect him from this monster. I want my son back.”

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