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‘I yelled, ‘Omg Logan, THERE’S POOP!’ My child was BATHING in his own poo while I read about dancing with the stars on my phone.’: Mom hilariously recounts bath time gone wrong

“When I heard Simon toot and laugh because it made more bubbles, I thought nothing of it. I decided to investigate deeper into whether Hannah B. and Alan would actually fall in love on Dancing with the Stars. As I’m pep talking him for the face wash, I see a brown object between the fading tub bubbles.”

‘You have taken on more than any child should. Deep down, the whole word thanks you for your resilience.’: Teacher mom pens appreciation letter to all teacher’s kids

“Thank you for taking a break during our nighttime story because mommy is answering urgent emails from parents. For accepting the art project mommy just bought isn’t for you. For understanding every child who walks into your mommy’s zoom call is now also one of ‘her kids.’ You love them like your own.”

‘I’ve made the decision to send my kids to school, and I am filled with so many mixed emotions.’: Mom says ‘there is no right or wrong answer’ amid school reopenings

“‘Well, schools wouldn’t be opening if they didn’t think they could keep the kids safe, right?’ But then I see these counties in Georgia with hundreds of cases after schools opened. I think about my 72-year-old mother currently living with me and wonder if I’m making the right decision.”

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