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‘You came into our lives when they were scared to trust. You showed them it was okay to let their guard down.’: Mom writes appreciation post for step-dad with Father’s Day approaching

“It’s because you teach them they don’t need anything but their imagination to have fun. It’s because every single night you lay with them snuggled up close until they fall asleep, no matter how long it takes. It’s because you loved them right from the start and you’ve never been ashamed to show it.”

‘You’re still pregnant, aren’t you? Is there another one in there?’ I’d given birth 4 days prior and was expected to ‘snap back.’: Mom embraces postpartum body, ‘You’ve earned your stripes’

“I hid behind my clothes, wondering if I’d ever get my body back. Wondering if my partner looked at me the same way he did 10 months ago when we created this tiny human. Wondering if this was the same way mothers all around the world were feeling moments after their life’s greatest accomplishment: small.”

‘I was newly single. ‘If you keep the baby, you’ll ruin my life.’ He drove me to an abortion clinic. I prayed so hard for someone to save me.’: Abuse, suicide survivor claims ‘my son saved me’

“I left college to move hundreds of miles away to be with a guy who had ‘red flag’ written all over him. And there I was, newly single, on my friend’s bathroom floor staring at a positive pregnancy test I took as a joke, in complete shock. Days earlier I had tried to take my own life. I remember whispering repeatedly, ‘Please give me a miracle.'”

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