beautiful family

I Will Always Be Her Safe Space

“At the end of the day, no matter what, she will always be my baby. She’s the precious girl I dreamed of. And if this life with her is my only dream come true, I hope she knows it was more than enough. As a matter of fact, it was everything.”

‘Are you willing to adopt a baby girl?’ The day we matched, we saw two blue lines of our own. We were terrified.’: Woman surprised with pregnancy during adoption, becomes first-time mom to 2 newborns

“Here I was, a young 20-something female who thought I had control over my life. I nervously dialed the number, terrified she’d pick a new family to parent her unborn baby. After all, I was no longer ‘childless.’ 3 weeks later, we got a call back. ‘She wants YOU.’ Humbling is the only word. Of all the people in this world, she chose me. At 4:04 p.m., we stepped outside of our room to hear the most beautiful first cry.”

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