‘She was a homeless, single teen mom who aged out of foster care. She had 6 kids and was the same age as me! My heart broke.’: Single woman fosters 36 kids, adopts 2 children into ‘forever family’

“I made sure the case worker knew I spoke Spanish. I wanted him to have a familiar culture and language. ‘We have a baby boy at the hospital who is ready to be discharged. He is Hispanic. Are you willing to take him?’ This was the moment these 25 years and Spanish classes had prepared me for! I walked into the hospital with an empty stroller, and came out with a forever son.”

Some Days A Daughter Just Needs Her Mom

“When the days feel long. When we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. When we need someone who will feel the same excitement in her heart. We are all just our mother’s daughters. We carry their heartbeat within us every day.”

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