bereaved mother

‘If you withdraw care now, it’ll be easier to say goodbye.’ That’s not how love works. The looks of pity deepened.’: Mom births baby with Hypoxic Encephalopathy, ‘We never gave up hope’

“I sped to the house and scooped up her purple lipped, shivering body, then dropped to the floor and set her on top of my chest. We had to be on our top game 24 hours a day because if we slacked, she’d die. Discussions of death were as common as, ‘Hey, I emptied the dishwasher.’”

‘He’s not going to cry! I can’t do this! HE IS NOT GOING TO CRY.’ I looked down and saw my perfect baby. I never wanted to forget his face.’: Mom of stillborn baby says, ‘I am a mom of four’

“The nurse asked me when the last time I felt the baby kick. I said, ‘2 hours. I’m sure I’m overreacting. We were put in a room at the far end of the ward. I assumed it was so we wouldn’t hear any babies cry, but I later realized it was so no one else would hear us scream and cry in the agony that was to come.”

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