compassion is kindness

‘Do you have any questions?’ All I could manage to mumble was, ‘Will I lose my hair?’ I was 16. I was in high school. I was a girl. I couldn’t be bald.’: Teen girl diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma urges ‘never miss a single thing’

“Three words. That’s all it took. Three simple words. Everything was happening too fast. I just sat there, staring at the wall, trying not cry. When homecoming came, I had this beautiful red dress. I put on heels, makeup. Then I looked in the mirror and crumbled to the ground. What was I thinking? I looked ridiculous. I looked sick.”

‘She laid there. I told her one last time, ‘I love you so much.’ I filled my pockets with tissues and walked out.’: Man fills dog’s last day with favorite activities, encourages others to cherish every moment

“A lady behind me in line was excited to see her. After a few head pets, the lady told her to ‘have a good day.’ I almost lost it. I almost fell to the floor. The cashier went to hand me my receipt and I missed. The tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t grab a receipt. I couldn’t speak.”

‘Mama, can you come in the water with me, please?’ She was ignored. ‘Mama, come play with me?’ She asked 4 more times. Mama never got off the phone.’: Woman reminds other moms ‘social media isn’t always real, don’t compare yourselves’

“While at the pool, I watched a young Mama and her little daughter enter, dressed in very nice coordinating swimming suits. The mom talked loudly on her phone while her daughter stood waiting. I imagined the photos she took being perfectly posted with a caption like, ‘Pool time with my girly!'”

‘It can’t be real. This happens to other families, not mine.’ He positioned himself on top of a mountain and texted a note. I couldn’t breathe. I fell to the floor.’: Woman loses brother to suicide, ‘He was my best friend’ 

“I was home alone with my 9-month-old son. With helicopters in the air, my parents, his friends, and police on the side of the road, I got the call. I was so afraid of saying something to upset him. I just wanted my brother back. I prayed for him to walk down.”

‘When I saw my car for the first time since our accident, all I could do was shake like a leaf, and sob. I cannot believe my babies and I walked away from this.’: Mom urges car seat safety, ‘Make sure they’re safe EVERY time’

“We were t-boned while making a left turn, and pushed into a light pole. A few weeks before the accident, I posted a picture of the kids sleeping in my backseat. Someone commented and asked if Andrew, my 4-year-old, was still rear facing.”

‘I text him. ‘I’m so sorry, do you need me?,’ he asked. ‘No. You wanted this.’ We’re fighting again. We lay in bed. We cry. I cannot give him what he wants.’: Mom suffers miscarriage, thanks best friend and partner for ‘saving’ her

“When I get home, all his things are gone. Like he was never there. I don’t make it two steps past the house door. I lay there and I cry. I cannot move. I cannot breathe. I do not want to be here. This is going to kill me.”

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