‘I was strapped down. ‘What if I feel him cut into me?’ My husband wiped away the tears that ran down my face.’: Mother says newborn’s delivery was the ‘most terrifying day of my life’ after HELLP syndrome diagnosis

“I must have looked terrified. The nurse said, ‘Don’t worry, this may be your first time, but it’s not our first time doing this.’ I strained to hear what the doctor was saying but couldn’t make it out. They’d occasionally laugh so I thought everything was going well. I felt a tug and I suddenly felt hollow. I remember asking, ‘Is she ok?’ She was only 2 pounds. The tiniest baby I had ever seen.”

‘Something was seriously wrong with our daughter’s eyes. They were mostly pupil! I couldn’t look at my baby without feeling like I’d already failed her.’ After ‘normal, healthy’ pregnancy, mom receives Axenfeld-Rieger diagnosis

“Her eyes were expanding, cracking her cornea. I thought I’d done something wrong during my pregnancy. Should I have eaten better? Did this happen because I forgot to take a few prenatal vitamins? Others noticed the difference. People admired her beauty, but I felt conflicted.”

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