customer service

‘The security guard says, ‘Nope, you can’t come in with breast pump.’ It was not allowed unless I had my baby with me. Are you kidding me?’: Mom advocates for other breastfeeding parents

“‘The whole reason I have my pump is because I don’t have my baby.’ The Wednesday before the concert I called Guest Services and they verified it was a medical device and I would be allowed to bring it in, but it would be searched. I was absolutely okay with this and so I planned to bring my pump. I was livid.”

‘I would like to purchase something to eat, but all I have is $5.’ This gentleman was wearing a backpack. He looked to be homeless.’: Man touched by Chick-Fil-A employee’s act of kindness for homeless man

“He asks about a few items on the menu, but shortly discovers he may need more than $5. The lady begins to offer suggestions to help him. As she’s asking him what he wants to drink, he’s thinking about it, and then the lady says something I’ll never forget.”

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