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‘I saw you pushing a stroller with a tiny pink princess backpack hanging off your shoulder, your daughter giggling hysterically as you made silly sounds.’: Woman pens ode to black fathers, ‘Your love is as endless as your potential’

“I saw you verbally tap dance when the police pulled you over, carefully annunciating every syllable and narrating your movements. We locked eyes. Black father, you walk through a world where you’re stereotyped to death, but you still rise.”

‘Would you be willing to take in a 7-year-old boy during quarantine?’ I knew it was a risk, but I also knew all he needed was love.’: Single adoptibe, foster dad says ‘my house is not a blessing unless it’s shared’

“I’d spent weeks protecting my son and I from this virus. We had no clue where this child had been or who he’d been in contact with. ‘But where will he go if I don’t take him in?’ All the offices were closed. I knew it was dangerous, but I also knew all he needed was someone to love him.”

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