differently abled

‘Can we take him home with us?’ My little patient had fought more in 6 months than most adults. He was in custody of the state.’: Nurse adopts special needs patient, ‘He is our little boy forever and ever!’

“He was born 4 months premature and needed a ventilator to breathe. Nurses aren’t supposed to pick ‘favorites,’ but I couldn’t help but get lost in his infectious little grin. The state prepared him for foster care. On the day of the court case, my work phone rang. ‘Congratulations, it’s a boy!’ A shock of adrenaline hit me.”

‘When he outgrew cute, looks changed from compassion to disgust. Mood-altering drugs were doled out like candy.’: Special needs mom pens powerful letter, ‘He outgrew society’

“When he outgrew cute, the calls for help increased. Desperate for summer options for a 15-year-old in diapers. Desperate for anything to assist a non-verbal man child. The voices were silent. Or they whispered, ‘Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.’ When he outgrew cute, the walls caved in, and the house became a tomb.”

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