‘Can you just let me get this done?’ I ask. It breaks my heart. ‘Distracted’ is not the kind of mom I meant to be.’: Mom admits ‘I am a distracted parent, and it is exhausting’

“I’m distracted by the news. What disaster is waiting to greet me this morning? Fingers crossed — maybe my faith in humanity will be restored for a few hours. Not yet? Realistically, it’ll just keep giving me things to worry about. But I’ll keep trying. I’m not sure why. I sometimes take it out on my family in the heat of the moment.”

‘Lathered in sunscreen, poolside, I suddenly realized my son wasn’t with me. My eyes hit the shallow end. I spotted a toddler completely submerged in water. The world stopped. I plunged in.’

“I was not the mother to make this kind of error. The mother who looked away. ‘If he’s alive, he’d be kicking, fighting.’ Why wasn’t he fighting? I pulled him onto the cement and thrusted my hand against his back. Fingernails pink, skin pale, lips discolored. His white knuckles gripped my neck. ‘ANDREW. Andrew, please come back to me.'”

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