‘Are you a Princess of Wakanda?’ Her eyes grew so big. I crossed my arms over my chest. ‘Wakanda Forever, my princess.’ She stood a hundred feet tall.’: Woman shares Chadwick Boseman’s impact in touching moment

“Her dad nearly trembled behind her. That shy girl walked out of pavilion with her head held high like an empress. Mr. Boseman, I’ve seen dozens of black boys and girls accept themselves as royalty in a way I have never seen in my 20 years.”

‘A flu-like bug started spreading. ‘You’re black and strong, nothing will happen to you.’ The healthy white girl got her own room instead.’: Dancer powerfully explains ‘I will never color my shoes’

“The makeup artist takes 30 minutes to figure out my foundation color. The theaters ask me to find my own flesh-toned tights and undies because ‘they don’t know where to get my color.’ I do my own hair because the ladies don’t know what to do with my curls. I will NEVER COLOR my shoes.”

‘I called the midwife at 4 a.m. She came in and immediately asked, ‘Where is HE from?’ She pointed at my husband.’: Woman in interracial marriage says ‘our story is beautiful, but racism is woven into it’

“I told my friend all about Emmanuel’s amazing qualities and pulled out my phone to show a photo of him. To my dismay she said, ‘Is he poor? Does he live in a mud hut?’ I was completely taken aback. It never crossed my mind others would not be as accepting as I was. Not long after, I left and never returned.”

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