‘Sit down, sit down!’ I fell, hitting my head on the concrete floor. It’s so hard to deal with and so scary.’: Young woman’s harrowing journey to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis

“I’ve had random fainting spells since I had my very first period. I told the lady next to me, ‘I am going to pass out.’ I remember bending my knees, and then I was out. Doctors kept going back to my blood sugar, but I knew that wasn’t it. This is when all my issues began.”

‘I remember the doctor asking, ‘Where’s your husband? He’s not going to be here to pick you up after you faint when I tell you, you’re having twins?!’ ’Wait, WHAT?!’: Mom has triplets after IVF

“Then we saw it up on the ultrasound screen – clear as day. THREE babies. She told us to consider reduction, a thought we couldn’t imagine. I couldn’t believe we had gone through so much to get to this point, and now a doctor was telling me to throw it all away.”

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