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‘At 22, I had two kids and still couldn’t drive. Every time a car got behind me, I had to pull over and cry.’: Woman battling anxiety says ‘don’t let anyone make you feel less for not driving’

“When I was 10 years old, I was involved in a car accident. I watched all my friends get their licenses, as I depended on my parents to drive me. At 23, I decided to book my license test. I wasn’t ready, but I felt very pressured to drive. The instructor asked me to back into a stall. I burst into tears. I tried to explain to her I wasn’t crazy.”

‘She is moving mountains, even when she loses her footing. She will never forget the pain of fatigue, but she’ll find herself aching to breathe in those cuddles again.’: Mom urges ‘you are enough’

“If I could go back, I’d tell her she’ll have alone time again, but it will feel like two hearts wandering in different directions. I’d tell her the memories she’ll lose herself in won’t just be the milestones, but those long nights. That a love like this is a silent language that speaks volumes.”

‘I drove by my grandchildren’s house to drop off something they love on their front porch. I knocked on the door, and backed away.’: Woman shares plea for kindness during pandemic, ‘Love, not anger, makes the world a better place’

“Has anyone else noticed people are angry? Get back to work. Stay home. Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. Stay inside. Get out and breathe some fresh air. Don’t post happy photos, people are suffering. Maybe you want to post what you think without fear of your Facebook ‘friends’ blasting you.”

‘I’d give anything to spend Saturday mornings searching for soccer jerseys and fighting with my ex-husband about who is going to take which kid where.’: Mom says ‘if we can get through this, we are unstoppable’

“Two months ago, I was angry at my ex-husband for signing the kids up for so many different activities. How was I going to manage the spring sports schedules of my 3 children? I fought with him in public and couldn’t let it go. I lost sleep over it. And guess what? It was all a waste of time.”

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