‘I got the call at 6 p.m., left my kids with my husband and drove to her house with my socks crammed into my Birkenstocks.’: Mom urges others to ‘just show up’ when friends need you, ‘She didn’t need Pinterest, she needed me’

“When your friend’s husband dies unexpectedly, when she has a baby, when she is going through a divorce, she doesn’t care if you baked the cookies from scratch and perfectly placed them in a platter. Show up in your socks with pizza. I held her, loaded her dishwasher, read her kids a story and tucked them in.”

‘Just Right Judith.’ Like a beacon in the night, she is there, dawning her yoga pants. This is it.’: Mom hilariously describes 5 types of ‘mom friends’ before ‘the floodgates of heaven open, and you just know’

“Ever notice how shopping for a new ‘mom-friend’ echoes a scene straight out of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’? One is ‘too hot,’ while another is ‘too cold.’ The hunt can be taxing as you search for the mom who is ‘just right.’ Just when you think you may have found her; the big bad wolf comes and whisks her away.”

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