foster to adopt

‘How come I’m this color and you’re brown?’ I’d always respond, ‘This is how God made us.’ Black or white, it didn’t matter. I was her mama.’: Selfless woman adopts 4 children from foster care

“The adoption paperwork sat on my table. ‘Are we doing this?’ There was no question, the answer was YES! One year later, I got a call from a strange number. ‘A baby was born yesterday. It’s their biological sibling. Can you pick her up from the hospital tomorrow?’ My mouth flew open. Just when I thought my journey was done, it was only the beginning.”

‘Would you be open to picking up a 2-day-old baby girl?’ I’ll never forget my husband’s response. ‘I think this is the baby we’ve been praying for.’: Pregnant mom opens heart to fostering, adopts after ‘humbling’ 798 days

“If you asked me if I’d care for a newborn while 30 weeks pregnant, I’d have thought you were crazy. I’d sit at night, feeding our foster daughter while feeling our little girl wiggling around in my belly. We’d been praying for her years before she was even born.”

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