‘Can you take a pair of siblings?’ 45 minutes later, we met our boys. Babies? Easy. Toddlers with trauma and neglect? Not so much.’: Couple adopt ‘forever sons’ from foster care

“Dakota was 2.5 years old and could barely utter just five words. Nate, 2.5 months old, was extremely sad and had rashes all over. He didn’t cry when he was hungry, wet, or had a poopy diaper because his biological mom had not met his needs. ‘Would you like to adopt them?’ Without hesitation, the answer was YES.”

‘How come I’m this color and you’re brown?’ I’d always respond, ‘This is how God made us.’ Black or white, it didn’t matter. I was her mama.’: Selfless woman adopts 4 children from foster care

“The adoption paperwork sat on my table. ‘Are we doing this?’ There was no question, the answer was YES! One year later, I got a call from a strange number. ‘A baby was born yesterday. It’s their biological sibling. Can you pick her up from the hospital tomorrow?’ My mouth flew open. Just when I thought my journey was done, it was only the beginning.”

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