‘That new car they just got. The house they built, the trip they went on. You don’t have to keep up, sis.’: Woman urges ‘when you love everything you have, you have everything you need’

“I let someone else’s highlight reel persuade me into thinking I needed to do more, be more, achieve more, make more. I’ve been so distracted lately by the success of others that I’ve taken my eyes off my own. So here I am, with my 11-year-old SUV, and still going strong.”

‘We don’t work this hard to put our daughter in used clothes!’ I was MAD. That’s when it clicked. This wasn’t about money.’: Couple learn to stop fighting about money, ‘we’re going to be a solid unit together, for richer or poorer’

“People always told me the number-one thing couples fight about is money. I can’t remember how many times I saw that same old line in relationship articles or advice columns. However, I never really believed it. ‘That’s something unhappy people fight about,’ I thought. Then, we settled into marriage. I was dead wrong.”

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