full term

‘3…2…1.’ Darkness. I awoke to women in overalls. ‘Do you know where you are Mrs. Knowles? Elvis didn’t make it. Would you like to see him?’ I just wept and nodded.’: Mom to angel baby details journey, ‘Grief is love with nowhere to go’

“Empty-eyed, my husband wheeled a grey bassinet into the room. ‘I’m sorry. So, so sorry.’ I’d spent the last 2 years teaching women how to birth babies, yet I couldn’t. Elvis was cold in my arms, but so beautiful. I swore I saw his little chest rise and heard a little grunt, but my mind played tricks on me. I held him as the last pulses of energy left his little body.”

‘I dialed 911. ‘I am miscarrying alone with a 10-month-old baby in the house. I am about to black out and die. Please hurry.’: Woman diagnosed with PCOS, secondary infertility after experiencing second trimester loss

“I rapidly started to gain weight. I’m talking double-digit, rapid weight gain. No matter what I did to get rid of it, I kept packing it on. Each month, I was waiting longer and longer for my cycle. I said to the operator, ‘I am upstairs, last door on the right. I am losing a lot of blood rapidly. Please hurry.’ I don’t remember speaking after that.”

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