george floyd

‘Mom, I can’t get the video out of my head.’ My sweet boys who still snuggle, could be viewed as a threat.’: Mom encourages sons to protest, ‘My boys got to participate in something so impactful’

“’Why is that officer on that man’s neck?’ It dawned on me, although we explained racism and expressed there are people who will hate them because of their skin color, we failed to put emphasis on how some of those people may very well be the same ones intended to protect you.”

‘I was told at the party, ‘You’re not welcome because you’re black.’ On the ride home, my friends apologized with tears in their eyes.’: Former police officer details discrimination

“I went to a small family birthday party with one of my close white friends. All of those who were with me were outraged. I’ve been ignored, called names, and spit on. Not only as a black man, but also as a black police officer. I want something different for my daughter.”

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