geriatric uterus

‘My doctor called pregnancies at my age ‘geriatric.’ When the f*ck did 38 become geriatric? For the first time in my life, I felt older than I was.’: Woman recounts IVF struggle, ‘Turns out with age comes resilience’

“The only reason we sought IVF after all was due to my husband having a vasectomy. Our doctor sat us down and informed us moving forward at this point would be futile. Women my age seemed to be doing just fine, thank you. I was the problem. Me. I was only 38!”

‘I’ve been counting down!’ It was my last birth. I never have to do this again, but I’m so grateful for the 3 times I have.’: Mom learns to soak in last ‘firsts’ with final baby

“I was still in the stirrups, getting stitched up, talking to my OB. She had no idea how much I had been counting down to this milestone. ‘I never have to do this again!’ She laughed and told me she’d never gotten that answer before. The last birth of our last baby. I had a ‘geriatric uterus’ this pregnancy, being 35.”

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