‘The doctor passed along his last words: ‘I love my grandkids.’ It was unreal how fast the virus took him.’: Woman shares ode to father lost to coronavirus, ‘I will make him proud’

“Just 2 days before, we were laughing and making plans for summer. He was excited about his stimulus check because he wanted to buy the grandkids something nice, and a portable oxygen machine so he could travel to visit us. It was always his dream to come here and see the ocean for the first time. He spoke of it every day. Now, I had to tell my children their Pap, their best friend, was gone.”

‘My grandpa doesn’t recognize the woman he’s spent 70 years with. She still loves him unconditionally.’: Granddaughter captures ‘pure’ love between her grandparents, despite devastating Alzheimer’s diagnosis

“All my life, even now, I have never been around them when they weren’t holding each other’s hand. The pure love in his eyes when he looks at her is the kind of love everyone dreams of experiencing. For some people, a nursing home is the best option for their loved one with Alzheimer’s, but there’s no way my grandma would ever let that happen. She’s determined to take care of her best friend.”

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