‘He’s taking my phone away. I’m not sure when I’ll be back.’ I barely hit send before it was ripped away and sent through the wall.’: Domestic abuse survivor says ‘I am taking my power back’

“I hid in the corner in a fetal position, trying to protect myself. I texted my best friend in a panic. ‘I just need someone to know I’m not dead.’ I barely hit send before my phone was sent through the wall. After I escaped barely alive, my dad gave my abuser a place to live on his property.”

‘We can’t forget each other. Us is where it started.’: Mom urges ‘give grace’ to your partner, ‘Your entire family will feel it’

“Today, in the middle of the chaos, I did something unexpected. My husband started talking to me. Instead of being distracted by the kids or my current hate fire for him, I looked at him — not past him, but at him. I maneuvered around the kids and embraced him in a hug. ‘I love you,’ I whispered in his ear. Because I do.”

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