hormone therapy

‘My Tinder date said, ‘Let me see what SHE wants to drink…’ I felt a huge, warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was the first time I was addressed with female pronouns.’: Woman comes out as trans with support from co-workers, friends

“I was born on January 25, 1995. The name on my birth certificate is recorded as Derek Sabado with the letter ‘M’ next to it. The year is 2021, and as I’m writing this, I have never felt more happy and proud of the woman I have become.”

‘Baby’s here! He’s coming!’ I looked down and saw our son’s head.’: Trans woman describes surprise home birth, ’We might not be the typical nuclear family, but our love is strong’

“Before I came out, Shannon and I decided to try for another baby. I got approved by the Marine Corps to begin my transition and started hormone therapy. Soon after, we announced we were pregnant. At 2 a.m., Shannon and I were getting ready to have our baby. We thought we had plenty of time. I walked into the bathroom and noticed blood in the water. She told me, ‘We aren’t going anywhere. Call 911.’ One push later, our baby slid into my arms. We were all smiles and shellshock.”

‘He asked, ‘What parts do you have?’ I said, ‘EXCUSE ME?’ He decided putting his hands on me was the ‘right’ thing to do.’: Transgender man with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome urges ‘stand up for trans patients in emergency settings’

“I met a doctor I hadn’t seen before. I lifted my shirt to show him. Accidentally, I lifted it a bit too far, revealing my scars. He stared. I knew he was staring. Instead of doing the right thing, he decided to ‘find out for himself.’”

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