‘Wow, that’s so cool I have 2 moms! May I have a snack?,’ was his reaction at age 5. ‘Aren’t you worried they’ll take the boys back?’ We are not a bit worried. We told him he grew up in her tummy.’

“And then we met her – this gorgeous strawberry blond young lady with the most beautiful green eyes looking at us from across the table. She had one question for us. Our knees were shaking just getting the news. We were not convinced it would be ‘wonderful’ at all. We were intimidated and scared.”

‘They looked us in the eyes. ‘We will never let this baby go if he’s blood. But if he isn’t, you can have him.’ Tears fell down my face. ‘We don’t care whose ‘blood’ he is. We’re ready to love him.’

“As we entered her room, I could feel something was off. There was a knock at the door. In walked the father. I could sense fear. It was clear he had some kind of hold on her. The dad said he wanted to make sure the baby wasn’t his, before he let her ‘sign him away.’ My world was crashing down again.”

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