Instant Family

‘She was sitting in a shelter with no place to call home. A teenager, she’d already given up on being adopted. Then I received a text: ‘Hey, Autumn. You still interested in foster care?’: Couple adopt teenager from foster care

“I’m often asked, ‘Wasn’t it hard bringing a teen into your home?’ The hardest part was missing the first 16 years of her life. The hardest part is knowing I can’t take away the pain she’s endured. That in order for us to gain her, other people had to lose her. The universe has showed me this beautiful, brown-eyed girl was supposed to be with us.”

‘We had FIVE kids in diapers! My wife tried to get me on board. ‘There’s no way. Are you trying to kill me? A sibling group of 4. FOUR?! REALLY?!’: Couple has 11 kids, 2 biological and 9 adopted

“Yes, they’re all ours. Yes, we know where babies come from and what causes pregnancy. Yes, we bring the party wherever we go. We can now jokingly, but truthfully, say we have 5 baby-daddies. It’s surprisingly easy and perfectly natural. All 11 are completely ours.”

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