last time

‘I don’t remember the last time I held you. There was no parade, no photo to commemorate it. Just one day I held you, and it was the last time.’: Mom urges ‘soak each moment in’

“Tonight, you asked to lay on top of my stomach like when you were a baby. I of course said yes. But we fumbled around for too long, both trying to get comfortable, until we realized it just wasn’t going to happen. One day I held you, and it seemed there was no end in sight for this pure bliss. Then, one day, it was the last time.”

‘I’ve been counting down!’ It was my last birth. I never have to do this again, but I’m so grateful for the 3 times I have.’: Mom learns to soak in last ‘firsts’ with final baby

“I was still in the stirrups, getting stitched up, talking to my OB. She had no idea how much I had been counting down to this milestone. ‘I never have to do this again!’ She laughed and told me she’d never gotten that answer before. The last birth of our last baby. I had a ‘geriatric uterus’ this pregnancy, being 35.”

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