love makes a family

‘Well, the baby is your half-brother. Not your brother.’ The pediatrician corrected my daughter. I was completely taken aback.’: Woman reminds us ‘love’ is what makes family, ‘There is nothing half about it!’

“I’m ashamed I didn’t immediately put him in his place. Instead, our 10-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER did it for me. As soon as those words left his mouth, her face filled with indignation. ‘He is my brother. Not my half-brother. My brother! And that is what you will call him.’ It was the first time anyone referred to my sweet new baby as anyone’s ‘half-brother’ and it stung. Half siblings are siblings. PERIOD.”

‘We would take them no matter what.’: Mother of special needs children tries to relinquish Godmother duties from best friend, she refuses, ‘It doesn’t need to be discussed’

“We agreed my best friend would be their godmother. But after they were both diagnosed with autism, I felt the overwhelming urge to free her from that responsibility. Taking on two children is a lot. Taking on two children with special needs even more. She didn’t agree to autism—none of us did. So, I messaged her.”

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