‘You’ve caught an infection. If we don’t remove these babies, you will become sepsis. You can die.’ Tears ran down my face. ‘This is not where I hoped to see you,’ my doctor said. Neither did I.’

“‘You are having twins!’ I looked at my husband. We were in total shock. When we went to the doctor experiencing bleeding, we were sure something else was the issue — not twins. It was a dream come true. Minutes later, I sat on the toilet. I heard a ‘pop.’ I felt this flow of water between my legs.”

‘This little guy could use some good, and we could do that for him.’: Couple adopts ‘two-month-old suffering from meth withdrawals

“When our agency called, they literally asked us: ‘There is a two month old baby at Cook’s in Fort Worth, who is suffering from meth withdrawals, and has a broken femur; would you be willing to take him?’ I didn’t really think there was any way he could have been in worse condition? And to top it off, Katie and I were pretty convinced that we were going to take in older children, at least around 2 years old. So here we had a call for an infant, but not just any infant, a very sick infant.”

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