mixed race adoption

‘He’s not going to live through the night.’ His adoptive mom abused him. He had 10 inches of stitches. ‘Noah, your new mommy and daddy are here!’ We were speechless.’: Couple adopt boy in critical condition, ‘He is nothing short of a miracle’

“‘I don’t think he has any real family.’ The nurse looked up and loudly proclaimed, ‘Noah, your new mommy and daddy are here!’ We both smiled as big as we could at the little boy in the hospital bed with the swollen head and adorable chubby cheeks, our heads spinning. New mommy and daddy?! What does this mean? We didn’t care. We were so grateful to let Noah know he was no longer alone.”

‘We were told, ‘Having 6 children significantly reduces chances of a birth mother selecting your family.’ The call to adopt was simply hard to ignore.’: Woman adopts 7th child, develops special relationship with teen birth mom

“’When he’s placed in your arms, and all he knows is you and all he has is you. The same parental instinct that cares and protects our other children, will develop.’ I held out hope my husband and God would show our family the path we were supposed to be on.”

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