mom friends

‘Just Right Judith.’ Like a beacon in the night, she is there, dawning her yoga pants. This is it.’: Mom hilariously describes 5 types of ‘mom friends’ before ‘the floodgates of heaven open, and you just know’

“Ever notice how shopping for a new ‘mom-friend’ echoes a scene straight out of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’? One is ‘too hot,’ while another is ‘too cold.’ The hunt can be taxing as you search for the mom who is ‘just right.’ Just when you think you may have found her; the big bad wolf comes and whisks her away.”

‘You know what I love? Friends who don’t make this friend thing complicated.’: Woman ‘thankful’ for friends who ‘don’t set unrealistic expectations’ of her

“I won’t always be a phone call away. Sometimes, I leave my phone inside so it’s not a distraction. I won’t always be there the exact moment you need me. I really try, but sometimes I’m fighting my own demons. I won’t give you my undivided attention, but I’ll listen to you vent between pushing babies on swings. We may not be planning many girl’s nights or remembering to text each other back, but anytime you cross my mind, I’m thankful for you.”

‘Why do we lie and utter the words ‘I’m fine’ to our friends? I’m tired of hiding, and I think you are, too.’ Mom admits motherhood has served her ‘a big slice of humble pie’

“Today, I lost it. Finito. Buh-bye. GONE. I could feel my nerves fraying at the seams and in true me fashion, I cried. This is what no one tells you about. The hard stuff. If a friend shares her truth and says she’s in a funk, don’t tell her your life is sunshine and rainbows. Tell her you’re in the freaking arena with her.”

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