‘The comment read, ‘Their family dynamic doesn’t make sense. They should AT LEAST make families look REAL.’: Mixed-race family responds to hate after commercial

“We did a commercial for Sonic-Drive In. It was a fun experience, something completely out of the norm and we enjoyed the opportunity to do something so different together. It’s been fun watching people message us videos of them watching it or ask us if we’re ‘that Sonic family.’ Recently, however, I received a message …

‘You look in the mirror and think, ‘My gosh. What happened to me?’ Your 3-day-old yoga pants covered in smeared banana.’: Woman urges ‘you don’t see it, but you are the perfect mom’

“You don’t see it in the floor covered with toys or the countertop smattered with dirty dishes. You don’t feel it in your 3-day-old yoga pants, desperately brushing out the crease in your hair from your days-old ponytail, wondering where all of your clean bras are. But it’s there, one perfect Mom for her sweet baby.”

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