New Mom

‘He was so wiggly coming out he made it hard to catch him! We were so overwhelmed, he was so beautiful.’: Parents welcome ‘perfect rainbow baby boy’ after pregnancy loss

“We had a surprise pregnancy. Unfortunately, that ended in a loss of our little one which hit us pretty hard. We choose to leave everything up to fate and not prevent another future pregnancy. Sure enough, 5 months later we were expecting another little one! And again, it ended in a loss. So, we chose to hold off on the idea. Turns out fate had other things in mind.”

‘I ‘couldn’t’ have kids and my husband was ‘infertile’. When I got pregnant, my baby had ‘no chance of survival.’ Yet, she made it.’: Premature baby ‘the size of a coke can’ thrives despite all odds

“The specialist I saw said there was less than 20% chance of survival. He also continued to tell me I was young and healthy, and I needed to try again. My heart fell to the floor. I wanted to scream and cry. ‘Why would we be blessed with this baby girl only for her to die?’ I grew angry. That anger soon turned to determination. I wasn’t giving up! I had already had several negative pregnancy tests! To our surprise, there was a little heartbeat.”

‘Her worried look spoke volumes. ‘How much did you weigh before this pregnancy?’ My doctor laid a hand on my leg.’: Mom’s harrowing journey with umbilical cord not giving son enough nutrients

“’I’m sure it’s nothing. Some babies are just small,’ she said. I was beginning to make connections in my head. I had been 115 pounds before pregnancy, and was now down to 94 pounds. But weren’t pregnant women supposed to gain weight? ‘There is a blood flow issue. The umbilical cord isn’t working properly.’ I heard nothing else.”

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