‘It’s okay for you to go now. You did such a good job fighting,’ I whispered. He nodded his head. As the sun went down, he stopped breathing.’: Hospice nurse shares touching last moments with dad diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

“On his last day, I helped my dad pull off his last-minute wishes. He insisted on changing all the light bulbs in the house so my mom wouldn’t have to worry. This was his absolute priority. During a slow, quiet, final walk through Home Depot, my chest felt so heavy for him. I was holding my breath. Alone with him, I whispered, ‘You did such a good job fighting.’ Time was running out.”

‘Penny is nonverbal, but please don’t make her a prop. She is not your ‘disabled best friend.’: Dad touched after stranger’s rare ‘act of empathy’ for daughter with Aicardi syndrome, ‘the world needs more people like her’

“I’ve experienced too many instances of people taking selfies with Penny and posting them all over social media. Penny is not your ‘Disabled Best Friend,’ or a chapter in your Facebook Story. Please don’t exploit a non-existent relationship with a disabled child in a wheelchair to demonstrate to your friends and family how wonderful you are. She just wants to belong.”

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