parenting done right

‘I can spend Friday night at a bar with my friends. I can go to mommy and me group. That is what moms do. We do it all.’: Woman reminds other mothers to ‘get to know YOU better’

“Pre-baby, I knew who I was. I had an idea of where I was heading. Imagine the shock I endured when I found out we had a tiny human en route. I was about to meet a completely new version of myself. My name was Mom, not Jess. I ate, slept, and breathed motherhood. I started to become more and more aware of my loss of identity.”

‘Can you just let me get this done?’ I ask. It breaks my heart. ‘Distracted’ is not the kind of mom I meant to be.’: Mom admits ‘I am a distracted parent, and it is exhausting’

“I’m distracted by the news. What disaster is waiting to greet me this morning? Fingers crossed — maybe my faith in humanity will be restored for a few hours. Not yet? Realistically, it’ll just keep giving me things to worry about. But I’ll keep trying. I’m not sure why. I sometimes take it out on my family in the heat of the moment.”

‘I could tell by your body language you were embarrassed. Dear mom in the café, I can see myself in you.’: Mom says ‘being a parent is more than just raising your kids in your own home’

“I sat in that lovely little café with a friend. I could see your son out of the corner of my eye. He was climbing on things that weren’t meant for climbing. You came and did your best to try to keep him from breaking something, or worse yet, disturbing us. You apologized more than once.”

‘Recently, I walked into a room full of young men. I didn’t find any of them attractive. It hit me: I like girls.’: Teen comes out as lesbian to her family, ‘They love me no matter who or what I am’

“I totally cried. As my mom told them, I hid behind my tea mug (it was a pretty big mug) because I didn’t want them to see me crying. I thought I was strong enough to not. Of course, my dad then joined as well and stated, ‘Yeah, I’m straight, I like women.’ We all laughed as he looked at my mom.”

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