‘She had tubes down her throat. She immediately grabbed my hand and wrote ‘I (heart) U’ with her finger in the palm.’: Woman grieves mothers death, ‘I lost her 10 days before I graduated college’

“She was so upset I was at the hospital versus at college studying for my final exams for my senior year. She kept writing ‘I am okay’ on a notepad. She held on a few moments longer. My last visual memory is her sitting up, waving goodbye because she was doing ‘better.’ I can’t help but think that was her plan all along.”

‘My teeth were turning yellow. ‘Mommy, why are you so tired all the time? You don’t get out of bed.’: Mom battling depression says ‘I am living proof it gets better’

“When my mom walked in and saw me with the pills I had found, scattered across the bed, I knew I had hit rock bottom. I couldn’t even look her in the eyes. I remember sitting in the hospital, my whole family waiting outside. ‘I feel like nothing ever gets better.’ I am living proof it gets better.”

‘My psychiatrist called to ask about Mother’s Day. ‘Can we just skip it this year?’ My mom’s response was an emphatic, ‘No!’: Mom who lost daughter to epilepsy says ‘happy Mother’s Day to all, we’re with you’

“Last year my mother and mother-in-law spent a combined eight weeks living with my family as we prepared for the end of my daughter’s life and grieved her afterward. I’ll survive the day, because it is just that, one day and I’ve survived much worse.”

‘Who’s going to be my mommy?’ That’s the question I was asked on the way to daycare from a 4-year-old little boy.’: Foster parent recalls difficult moment with foster child ‘You never know when you say ‘yes’ what the outcome will be’

“I can remember several times telling my husband I didn’t know if I could keep doing it with this child. This particular boy proved to be the child who would rock our family. He had only been living with us for a month when he asked that pivotal question.”

‘My little sister and brother were taken to a foster home. They were only 5 and 3 years-old. They were so scared.’: Woman recounts journey to becoming a foster parent ‘we needed to take one step at a time’

“My eleven-year-old self ran to my bedroom, fighting back tears. Fast forward 20 years. I didn’t think my husband, Jeff would go for it. I didn’t remember seeing an advertisement on tv for foster parents but there it was. I still didn’t say anything. But he did.”

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