‘I was home alone, in a complete panic. So, I flushed. And hoped my toilet wouldn’t clog. I hated myself. I mean, I FLUSHED my baby! And then it happened again.’: Woman goes through multiple miscarriages before having her rainbow babies

“Two days before my boyfriend’s birthday, something told me to check. I had not one single symptom. I got excited! This felt different. I made him sit down and open all of his presents early. He stared at it. Stared at me. And smiled. He was scared, I could see it.”

‘Who is this?,’ I asked. ‘This is Ty’s assistant principal. I came upon a car accident on my way home. It’s Ty. He is not good.’ ‘Wait, what?’: Couple overcomes horrific car accident, adopts, gets pregnant with miracle child despite infertility

“I told him I would let him know when I was home from school, so he could come pick me up. Little did I know when I made that phone call, the details I heard on the other end would change our lives forever. Nothing would ever, ever be the same.”

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