physical distancing

‘You pray for the weekend to go by quickly, just so you can check in with them again. You dream of the day you can embrace them.’: Teacher says ‘my students became like my very own children’

“It was March. I started to feel the school year winding down and the lump in my throat growing. I put an app on my phone, counting down the days. Not because I was looking forward to summer, but because I wanted to make each day I had left count. We were together one day, and without warning, they were gone.”

‘Tonight, I was so tired I didn’t want to even carry my own purse. So, he did. He carried it, just like he carries so many burdens.’: 911 dispatcher says ‘sometimes, all you need is someone who will carry your purse’

“I am an ‘essential worker.’ A 9-1-1 emergency dispatcher to be exact. We’re feeling the change at work, just like all the other front-line people. I wish for you somebody who will carry your purse. Because sometimes, that’s all you really need.”

‘Her hard may be little compared to your hard, but she has reason to feel overwhelmed, and she deserves your empathy.’: Mom says ‘push judgement aside, no one’s having an easy time right now’

“She’s stuck in quarantine, alone with her kids, and trying to figure out how to homeschool and be their source of entertainment. She doesn’t have time to get anything done for herself. Yes, her hard may be little compared to your hard, but she has reason to feel overwhelmed.”

‘I’d give anything to spend Saturday mornings searching for soccer jerseys and fighting with my ex-husband about who is going to take which kid where.’: Mom says ‘if we can get through this, we are unstoppable’

“Two months ago, I was angry at my ex-husband for signing the kids up for so many different activities. How was I going to manage the spring sports schedules of my 3 children? I fought with him in public and couldn’t let it go. I lost sleep over it. And guess what? It was all a waste of time.”

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