‘I can be awkward. I was never a part of that elusive inner circle I so desperately wanted to fit in.’: Woman admits she was never part of the ‘popular crowd,’ ‘I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea’

“I felt this innate need to be liked. When people didn’t like me? Guys, it would haunt me. I’d tweak my personality to become what I thought would be more appealing. I’d get bullied. I spent an unhealthy amount of time thinking about it. Was it because my family wasn’t rich? That I wore the wrong clothes? Thank God I don’t make the cut.”

‘I was 9 when my brain started believing my worth was truly nothing. Girls at school kept saying I’d break the mirrors with my ‘ugly dog face.’’: Mom shares how to tell if your child is being bullied 

“There is a difference between meanness and bullying. I know from my own experience being bullied. I see what the signs are in my own boys if they’re struggling in school with a bully or a mean kid. Here are some ways you can tell if your child is being truly bullied.”

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