private school

‘You pray for the weekend to go by quickly, just so you can check in with them again. You dream of the day you can embrace them.’: Teacher says ‘my students became like my very own children’

“It was March. I started to feel the school year winding down and the lump in my throat growing. I put an app on my phone, counting down the days. Not because I was looking forward to summer, but because I wanted to make each day I had left count. We were together one day, and without warning, they were gone.”

‘My ears got hot, my blood was boiling. I took a screen shot of his soul-crushing report card. My mommy instinct was pissed.’: Mom appalled by son with Down syndrome’s report card, ‘Stay angry. Keep fighting for your child.’

“The envelope showed up in Judah’s backpack. I wasn’t expecting his report card, but I was eager to see how the goals we put in place manifested themselves. Imagine my surprise when that paper was littered with the lowest scores possible. My stomach lurched. My logical brain understood, but my mommy instinct was still pissed. Imagine how this little boy will feel when he understands what those 1’s will signify?!”

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