‘Are you OK?’ We got pulled over by THREE officers because I had a big black guy in my car they assumed was a danger.’: Woman urges ‘being a living black man should be normal not lucky’

“The cops were called on us while sitting in the car in front of our friends’ house because we were exhibiting ‘suspicious behavior.’ ⁣Someone called the police on him for picking up his friend’s daughter off the bus and they worried about the little girl’s safety walking with a big black guy.”

‘You’re on an island, Melanie; an island alone!’ She yelled at me. Her words were an attempt at shaming me.’: Woman claims that being an ‘island’ allows us to grow in ways we never could before

“Some say my actions will be frighteningly regrettable. Others say I should be ashamed. Don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of shame. The shame comes when people ask how my family is and I cannot tell them my dark truths. Surely, I’m the only one. So, I keep them inside. Until now.”

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