‘Nutrition staff show up, knowing school breakfast and lunch might be the only meals kids eat.’: Mom, Director of Food & Nutrition Services creates ‘positivity bananas’ to give kids a smile

“With so many kids already receiving free or reduced-price meals, how are families going to cope if they lose their income AND school meals? I wondered what I could do to bring back some of the happiness the kids feel at school while in the lunchroom, with their favorite teacher, or playing at recess.”

‘You’ve seen me blow up and shed tears on my pillow. Please forgive me for not being more patient and gentle with your spirit.’: Mom apologizes for unstable emotions during pandemic, ‘I will focus on your little heart instead’

“I’ve lost my temper and unstable emotions have got the best of me. I focused on the panic and fear instead of the issues going on in your little heart. At the end of the day when you’re tucked in bed, I watch you peacefully sleeping and I’m so grateful God gave me you.”

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