self isolation

‘One minute I’m happy, savoring these little moments together. The next, I’m waiting for it all to end.’: Woman says ‘you don’t have to savor every moment, it’s OK to be hanging on by a thread’

“Three months ago, I had it all mapped out. Now, I cry over toilet paper. I’ve cried for my 3-year-old who misses his Mamo and Papa, or as my toddler begs me not to have another meeting. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster. And not a fun one either, more like the kind that makes you want to throw up.”

‘When this is over, I’ll let you pick the restaurant we dine at first. I promise I won’t complain, be picky, or be impatient if the food takes longer.’: Woman tells husband ‘let’s make the most with what we’ve got’

“Date nights were our peace in the beautiful chaos of family life – our time, just you and me, together. Date nights reminded us our marriage was a priority, before being daddy and mommy. I miss the romance, break from the ordinary, and the routine too.”

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