‘I just got shot, I just got shot, I…got…shot.’ Trapped under a pile of squirming, scared bodies, I lay helplessly on the cold rooftop floor, blood inching toward my face. It wasn’t my blood.’

“I stared at a man next to me gasping for breath. A frantic woman gave him mouth-to-mouth through his blood-covered face, desperate to save him. He was alone. No one knew who he was. As the paramedics lifted me onto a stretcher and carried me down the stairs, I saw them cover his body.”

‘It was their faces, that’s what’s going to get to me, It was real fear’: Teacher helps students during shooting at Highland High School in Palmdale

This morning, gunshots rang out at Highland High School in Palmdale, California just north of Los Angeles. But as always, helpers in the form of teachers were on hand to assist the students. This morning a situation occurred at Highland High School, we are working with law enforcement Currently all high schools are on lockdown — …

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