sick children

‘What the heck is going on? Have we been robbed?!’ I walk through an ocean of toys and books. My husband and baby are hidden among thrown sofa cushions. Sheer panic sets in.’

“‘She’s fallen asleep. Should I carry her to bed?’ Lunchtime. My phone pings again. ‘She’s woken up. What should I give her for lunch?’ I tell him she likes the pre-made pouches of baby food in the cupboard. Another text. ‘I can’t find the pouches.’ I can’t wait for Daddy to realize that staying at home isn’t all about box sets and playtime.”

‘She said, ‘That IS you and when you wake up, that’s what you’ll do.’: Spider-Man visits 10,000 sick children when they need him most

“I got my first Spidey suit! A fitness client of mine referred me to her Godson who was very sick at a local hospital. The hospital said I couldn’t visit him, but the child’s mother asked me, ‘Do you work for the hospital? Or God?’ That question stopped me in my tracks, and I answered ‘God!’ So that led me to visiting my first child ever by sneaking my suit in my backpack, changing in a bathroom close to his room, and rushing to his side.”

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