small things

‘Don’t miss out waiting for the next big thing, the perfect occasion, the right day.’: Woman urges ‘big things are big, but the small things are too’

“Girls’ trips are fantastic, but has your friend ever shown up at your door in the midst of chaos, in perfect timing? Date nights are fun, but have you ever eaten leftovers while sitting together on your couch? Vacations are the sweetest, but have you ever stayed right where you are and soaked in what God gave you?”

‘I felt something hit my butt. ‘Do it again,’ I heard someone say. They snickered.’: Woman feels guilt over pressing charges after sexual assault, then demands, ‘I’ll see you in court.’

“Less than a minute later, I felt someone slowly run their fingers over my right butt cheek from the bottom and squeeze. I was wearing a long, velvet skirt – I could feel it all – and the heat of his hand. I pushed him backward and screamed, ‘Don’t you ever touch a woman like that!’ He gave me a dopey face and put his hands up in the air, as if pleading innocence. ‘Come on, it’s a compliment.’ I was hot with anger.”

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