social isolation

‘One more week of trying to put a smile on through tears. One more week of hearing you say, ‘Mommy, I can’t wait to kiss you again. How much longer will this be?’: Nurse mom says ‘cherish this time for those of us who can’t right now’

“One week of air hugs through Facetime. One more week ahead of wondering if this will be the week we’ll run out of PPE completely. One more week ahead of uncertainty, of masking up and walking into the unknown. We will come out on the other side.”

‘My family and I live check by check. ‘The lady in front of you wanted you to have this.’ I’m pregnant and super emotional as it is. I start bawling my eyes out in line.’: Woman thanks stranger for act of kindness, ‘There are still great people in this world’

“I was standing in line with my cart. I only had $40 left to my name for 2 weeks and was about to spend $37 of it on this little bit of food. I tell my son, unfortunately, today I can’t afford it. He was upset. I went to pay for our things and the cashier handed me a card. I start bawling my eyes.”

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