‘My son’s friend came over and asked, ‘Why is your stuff in a closet?’ My heart shattered. ‘I don’t have a bedroom.’: Single mom of 3 abandoned during pregnancy finally buys ‘forever home’

“There are seasons of life that will break you. Where you will be on the floor in the dark, sobbing and begging for the strength to just make it through the night. For the strength to see the next day. March on. Because every now and again, there will be moments like Friday, November 12th.”

‘No, this is not my husband holding our newborn daughter. He is not my brother, cousin, or a friend I’ve known a lifetime.’: Mom thanks neonatologist for kindness through loss, birth of child

“This is the same doctor who I looked up at in between deep howls as we kissed our son goodbye two years ago. The same doctor who attended our son’s funeral. The same doctor who called and reached out countless times after our son’s passing, just to check on us. This time, these were tears of joy.”

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