spread happiness

‘She is moving mountains, even when she loses her footing. She will never forget the pain of fatigue, but she’ll find herself aching to breathe in those cuddles again.’: Mom urges ‘you are enough’

“If I could go back, I’d tell her she’ll have alone time again, but it will feel like two hearts wandering in different directions. I’d tell her the memories she’ll lose herself in won’t just be the milestones, but those long nights. That a love like this is a silent language that speaks volumes.”

‘He’s taking my phone away. I’m not sure when I’ll be back.’ I barely hit send before it was ripped away and sent through the wall.’: Domestic abuse survivor says ‘I am taking my power back’

“I hid in the corner in a fetal position, trying to protect myself. I texted my best friend in a panic. ‘I just need someone to know I’m not dead.’ I barely hit send before my phone was sent through the wall. After I escaped barely alive, my dad gave my abuser a place to live on his property.”

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